Launch an App

Nanobox makes creating and launching apps on your production platform incredibly easy. The following steps will create a new app and provision a bunkhouse server on your hosting provider.

Setup Your Provider Account

To launch an app, Nanobox need access to your hosting account. Linking your Nanobox account to your hosting provider is covered in the Hosting Accounts doc.

Launch a New App

To get started, click the "Launch New App" button in your dashboard.

Launch New App

Name Your App

Provide a name for your app. If no name is provided, Nanobox will generate one for you.

Select Your Provider & Region

Select your provider/hosting account and region. This is the infrastructure on which your app's server(s) will be provisioned.

Select Provider & Region

Once saved, Nanobox will provision an empty app server on your hosting platform. When you're ready, you can deploy your codebase to your app.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.