Deploy Code

With an app launched, you're ready to deploy to it.

Stage Locally

Nanobox provides "dry-run" functionality that provisions a virtual environment in Nanobox and simulates a deploy as if it were going to production servers. If it works in a dry-run, it will work when deploying live. More information is available in the Dry-Run documentation.

Add Your Live App as a Remote

In order to deploy your code to your live app, you need to add the app you launched with Nanobox as a remote. This is done using the remote command.

# link the project to your live app
nanobox remote add app-name

For more information about the remote command, view the 'remote' documentation.

Deploy to Production

The deploy command will deploy your app to your live server(s).

nanobox deploy


In order to keep your compiled code package as small as possible and upload times short, we recommend adding a .nanoignore file to the root of your project. Here you can specify files to omit from compiled code. More information is available in the .nanoignore documentation.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.