5102 SSL - LetsEncrypt Client Error

The Issue

There was an error with the LetsEncrypt client

Possible Causes

  • There are many potential causes. More details should be available in your stack trace.

Steps to Take

View the Full Stack Trace

The full stack trace includes meta information related to the running sequence as well as the LetsEncrypt client. These should help to pinpoint the exact cause of the error.

Cancel the Sequence

While Nanobox will continue to hit the LetsEncrypt API, there's a chance the domain status will not change. The best thing to do is to cancel the process. To cancel a process, click the "Cancel" button in the upper-right corner of the process viewer.

Cancel a Process

Try it Again

This could have been just a one time fluke. There's a chance that if you try again it'll work, depending on the nature of the error.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.