5000 SSL Error

The Issue

There was an error when trying to install your SSL certificate.

Possible Causes

  • You're using a third-party certificate and the key and certificate provided do not match.

Steps to Take

Cancel the Process

With SSL errors, you will need to cancel the process. To cancel a process, click the "Cancel" button in the upper-right corner of the process viewer.

Cancel a Process

Check to Make Sure Your Key & Certificate Match

In order for the SSL to validate correctly, the certificate must match the private key. SSL shopper has instructions on how to check if your certificate matches your private key as well as an online key-checker here.

Make the Necessary Update to Your SSL Bundle

If the key and certificate do not match, update your certificate bundle with the correct matching key and certificate.

Restart the Process

Save your updated bundle and attempt the same process you attempted before.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.