Error Codes

Nanobox automates complex tasks through "sequences" - processes that do everything from deploying code and installing environment variables to migrating data. On occasion, sequences do error. When errors occur, Nanobox will output an error code specific to the issue that caused the failure to occur.

Error Information

Each error will include an error code with a link to the corresponding doc, meta information with details pertinent to the error, and the error stack trace. These are all helpful when troubleshooting the error. The error meta and stack trace can be viewed by clicking on the "View Full Stack Trace" link in your sequence viewer.

Error Code Information

Error Codes

The following docs outline what each error code means as well as potential solutions to the problem:

1xxx Provider Errors

1000 Provider Unreachable
1001 Provider Rejected
1004 Network Error
1100 Provider Host Unreachable
1101 Provider Host Not Active
1102 Provider Host Bootstrap Error

2xxx NanoAgent Errors

2000 NanoAgent Unreachable
2001 NanoAgent Rejected
2002 NanoAgent Rejected Job
2003 NanoAgent No Such Image

3xxx Platform Errors

3000 Platform

4xxx Hook Errors

4000 General Hook Failure
4001 Plan
4002 Update

Code Hooks

4100 Code - Configure
4101 Code - Fetch
4102 Code - Start
4103 Code - Stop
4104 Code - Before Live
4105 Code - After Live

Data Hooks

4200 Data - Configure
4201 Data - Import Prep
4202 Data - Import Live
4203 Data - Import Final
4204 Data - Import Clean
4205 Data - Export Prep
4206 Data - Export Live
4207 Data - Export Final
4208 Data - Export Clean
4209 Data - Start
4210 Data - Stop
4211 Data - Backup
4212 Data - Restore

5xxx SSL Errors

5000 SSL
5100 SSL - LetsEncrypt Challenge Pending
5101 SSL - LetsEncrypt Challenge Invalid

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