Manage Team Members

Often, you are one of many working on your app. Nanobox enables teams to work together on by allowing you to create teams and add team members.

Adding a Team Member

To add a team member, create an invitation for them to join the app. This can be done under Admin > Members in your app dashboard. Enter their email address and the role in which you'd like them to work on the app.

Invite a Team Member

Things to Note

  • In order for a team member to be added, they must already have a Nanobox account.
  • Only users with certain roles can invite team members. More information is available in the Roles & Permissions doc.

Accepting or Rejecting an Invitation

Once an invitation is created, an email is sent to the invited user. The invitation can be accepted or rejected in the email, or in the user dashboard under Account Admin > Invites.

Pending Invitations

Revoking an Invitation

If a invitation is sent in error, it can be revoked by clicking the "Revoke" button next to the pending invitation.

Revoking an Invitation

Removing a Team Member

To remove a team member, you must have a role in the team that allows it. Switch to your team account and in your account menu, click on "Admin", then "Team" in the left nav. Click the "X" next to a team member to remove them from your team. Once removed, they will no longer have access to any apps owned by the team.

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