Moving Components Out of a Bunkhouse

For many apps, a single Bunkhouse multi-component server works just fine, but as your app grows and you need to expand, you can move components out of your bunkhouse into their own scalable clusters or into other bunkhouse servers.

To move a component out of a bunkhouse, click on on the "Move" button under the component in your dashboard.


When moving a component out of a bunkhouse, you have two options:

1. Horizontal/Redundant Cluster

Moving a component into its own redundant cluster allows you to scale the component both vertically and horizontally. Web and worker components can have additional nodes, increasing their ability to handle concurrent requests. Data components can be redundant, insuring uptime in case a node goes offline. (Redundancy depends on the image used for the data component)

2. Single, Bunkhouse Server

You can move a component into a new single bunkhouse server, or into an existing bunkhouse server. There are certain limitations to be aware of when using bunkhouse servers. These are outlined in the Bunkhouse Servers doc.

Horizontal Clusters vs. Single, Bunkhouse Servers

Feature Redundant Cluster Bunkhouse Server
Horizontally Scalable
Vertically Scalable
Dedicated RAM, CPU, Disk per Component
Individually Scalable Components(s)
Redundancy Options

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