To deploy apps to OVH using Nanobox, you first need to create a OVH account.

Generate API Credentials

Generate API credentials by visiting one of OVH's token creation pages. Which page you visit depends on your location.

Europe & Africa
Everywhere Else

Input the email and password associated with your OVH account. Give your API key a name, description, validity timeframe, and full rights on each HTTP method by specifying /* as the allowed path for each. Then click "Create Keys".

Create an API Key

Copy and store your Application Key, Application Secret, and Consumer Key. You'll need these later.

Copy Key Credentials

Order a New Cloud Project

Visit your OVH control panel and, under the "Cloud" section, click "Order" and select "Cloud Project." Agree to OVH's terms and conditions, enter a project name, provide a payment method, and click "Activate My Cloud Account".

Activate Cloud Account

Go to the home page of your new project, and copy the project ID from the URL. It's just after project/. You will need this.

Project ID

Create a New Provider Account

In your Nanobox dashboard, go to Account Admin > Hosting Accounts and add a new account. Select OVH and click "Proceed".

Add a New OVH Provider

Enter the required credentials. If located in Europe or Africa, specify the Region as .. If located anywhere else, specify ca as the region.

Enter OVH Auth Credentials

Click "Verify & Proceed". Name your provider, select your default region, then click "Finalize/Create".

Name Your Provider & Select a Default Region

Launch a New App

Go to the home page of your Nanobox dashboard and click the "Launch New App" button. Select your OVH provider from the dropdown and choose the region in which you'd like to deploy your app.

Select your OVH provider

Confirm and click "Let's Go!" Nanobox will order an server on OVH under your account, provision the Nanobox platform components, and prepare for your first deploy.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.