To deploy apps to Linode using Nanobox, you first need to create a Linode account. In your Linode user profile, go to the "API Keys" section and generate a new API key.

Generate a New Linode API Key

Keep this key handy. You're going to need it in just a bit.

Add a New Provider

In your Nanobox dashboard, got to Account Admin > Hosting Accounts and add a new account. Select Linode and click "Proceed."

Select Linode

Nanobox needs your Linode API key to authenticate with your Linode account. Paste in API key and click "Verify & Proceed."

Enter your Linode API Key

Name your provider and choose a default region. The name is arbitrary and only meant to help you identify it in your list of provider accounts.

Name your provider and select a default region

Launch a New App

Go to the home page of your Nanobox dashboard and click the "Launch New App" button. Select your Linode provider from the dropdown and choose the region in which you'd like to deploy your app.

Select your Linode provider

Confirm and click "Let's Go!" Nanobox will order a server on Linode under your account, provision the Nanobox platform components, and prepare for your first deploy.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.