Cloud Providers

Nanobox is provider-agnostic and enables you to launch the same app on any available provider. We encourage you to run your app on multiple providers to determine where your app will be best suited.

Nanobox doesn't interfere with your provider relationship in any way. You are billed for resources used directly by the provider, not Nanobox. Additionally, any servers that Nanobox launches will be visible and accessible directly through your provider.

Connecting to a Provider

Available providers can be configured in the "Hosting Accounts" section of your Account Admin in your dashboard. To configure a provider on Nanobox, you will first need to create an account with your preferred cloud provider.

This process is covered in detail in the Hosting Accounts doc.

Creating Provider Integration

You're free to create your provider integration if you can't find one that suits your needs. The Creating a Custom Provider docs cover the process in detail.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.