App SSH Keys

App SSH keys give you the ability to SSH directly into any of your app's servers and/or containers.

Viewing Your App's SSH Key

In your application dashboard, go to "Admin" > "Security". Here you are provided with the IPs of each server/container in your app, an example connection command, and your app's private SSH key.

Note: In team apps, only team members with the role of "Owner" or "Admin" can view App SSH keys.

App SSH Keys

Using App SSH Keys

App SSH keys can be used to establish secure SSH connections from your local machine or other servers to your app's server(s)/container(s). Copy the contents of the private key into a file on the machine from which you'd like to connect and set the appropriate permissions. You can then pass the private key file into ssh commands with the identity_file argument (-i).

ssh root@ -i /path/to/private_key

Note: Host IPs and SSH users are provided in your dashboard above your app's private key.

Private SSH Key Permissions

In order to successfully establish SSH connections using your app's private key, you need to set the file permissions to 600 – Owner read/write.

chmod 600 path/to/private_key

Important Note

With SSH access and the user permissions granted, you have the ability to manipulate your live servers and containers. Please know that any damage or dataloss caused in error or with intent is your responsibility and Nanobox will not be held liable.

Reach out to and we'll try to help.