Managing Live Data

Note: This doc only pertains to managing data on production servers. For information about managing data in your local dev environment, check out the Managing Local Data doc.

Nanobox allows you to securely connect to your live data component(s) and manage them using your tool of choice. You have two options for remotely managing your data.

Console In

The nanobox console command drops you into a native prompt inside of the specified component. With the native prompt, you can use any binary or client installed with your component's image.

# Pattern
nanobox console <component>

# Example
nanobox console data.postgres

For more information on the console command, read through the console doc.

Create a Secure Tunnel

The nanobox tunnel command creates a secure tunnel between your local machine and your production data service. It binds to a port on your local machine and forwards any connections to that port to your live server. This allows you to use your local client of choice to managing your production data.

# Pattern
nanobox tunnel <component> -p <local port>

# Example
nanobox tunnel data.postgres -p 5432

Tunnel connection credentials are provided in your dashboard under the "Connect" section of the component to which you're trying to tunnel.

Tunnel Connection Credentials

For more information about the tunnel command, read through the tunnel doc.

Connecting with a Local Client

With a tunnel open, you can then use your local client of choice to connect to your component. For example, with a tunnel open, you could manage a MySQL database with Sequel Pro.

Tunnel Connection with Sequel Pro

Uploading Files to a Storage Component

Nanobox allows you to provision network storage components that act as centralized, persistent filestores for your app. Opening a tunnel allows you to manage files in your storage components using tools such as scp or SFTP GUIs.

With a tunnel open, you could scp files on your local machine to your live storage component.

nanobox tunnel -p 1234

# In a different terminal
scp -P 1234 -r uploads/* nanobox@

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