The dns command allows you add and remove hostname mappings to your local apps. It modifies your local hosts file and does require administrative privileges.

Subcommand Summary
add Adds a hostname map that points to your local app
rm Removes a hostname map that points to your local app
ls Lists the registered hostnames for your local app


The add subcommand adds adds a hostname map to your local hosts file that points to the IP of your running app.

add Usage

# Pattern
nanobox dns add <local | dry-run> <hostname>

# Example
nanobox dns add local myapp.local


The rm subcommand removes a hostname map from your local hosts file. The provided hostname much be an exact match of a hostname in your local hosts file in order for the removal to be successful.

rm Usage

# Pattern
nanobox dns rm <local | dry-run> <hostname>

# Example
nanobox dns rm local myapp.local


The ls subcommand lists all the hostnames registered for your local app.

ls Usage

nanobox dns ls <local | dry-run>

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