The configure command walks through a series of question prompts that modify your local Nanobox configuration. This command is automatically run when attempt to run your first nanobox command.

Configurable options are outlined in the Configure Nanobox doc.


configure, config


nanobox configure
nanobox config
Subcommand Summary
set Sets a configuration key
get Gets a value from the configuration
show, ls Shows the full configuration


The set subcommand is used to set a specific config setting.

set Usage

# Pattern
nanobox config set <config-key> <config-value>

# Examples
nanobox config set provider docker-machine
nanobox config set mount-type netfs
nanobox config set disk 15360


The get subcommand is used to retrieve the value of a config setting.

get Usage

# Pattern
nanobox config get <config-key>

# Examples
nanobox config get provider
nanobox config get mount-type
nanobox config get disk

show, ls

The show or ls subcommand is used to view all config settings.

show, ls Usage

# Pattern
nanobox config show
nanobox config ls

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