CLI Commands

All interaction with Nanobox happens through the Nanobox CLI. This section of docs walks through each of the CLI commands, their functionality, and options associated with each. Below is a list with a quick summary of each command:

Command Summary
run Starts your local environment, allowing you to run your app
build-runtime Builds your app's runtime
compile-app Compiles your app's code into a deployable package
remote Manages connections to remote applications
deploy Deploys your app to a live app
console Opens an interactive terminal from inside a component in your live app
info Displays information about the app and its components
tunnel Establishes a secure tunnel from your local machine to a running service
evar Manages environment variables on your production environment
dns Manage DNS aliases for local applications
log View and streams application logs
configure Walks through prompts to configure Nanobox
update-images Downloads the most recent versions of Nanobox docker images
login Authenticates your Nanobox client with your account
logout Removes your api token from your local nanobox client
start Starts the Nanobox container
stop Stops the Nanobox container
status Display the status of Nanobox & apps
destroy Destroys the current project and removes it from Nanobox
clean Clean out any environments that no longer exist
implode Removes all Nanobox-created containers, files, & data
version Show the current Nanobox version

Global Command Options


Displays help information about the CLI and specific commands.


In the event of a failure, drop into a debug context.

-t, --trace

Increases display output and sets level to 'trace'.

-v, --verbose

Increases display output and sets level to 'debug'.

-f, --force

Forces the command to run without any confirmation. Use responsibly!

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